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Kia Naddermier - Mysore Yoga Paris

Sandra & Callie have had the immense pleasure and privilege to be a part of the Mysore Yoga Paris community with their teacher Kia Naddermier. 

After years of practicing at the shala in Paris they began an ongoing  apprenticeship under Kia’s guidance. Meanwhile they have attended numerous In-Depth Trainings, workshops & intensives with Mysore Yoga Paris. 

The experience of working with Kia through her explorations of Ashtanga asana, Pranayama & philosophy requires a  infinitely inquisitive mindset towards these practices. Kia builds each of her student’s own ability to become their own teacher through an ongoing process of developing their felt senses. This  approach is fully inclusive because of the learned ability to feel and experience what we benefit most from individually and offer a practice with endless possibilities. 

As teachers this skill is essential in shifting the way that we practice from automated instruction and movement towards deep listening to ourselves and our students.  
With the Mysore Yoga Paris team, Kia inspires continued reflection to refresh our acquired knowledge & continue to refine what may initially seem to be a “softer”approach but is in fact a deep ongoing journey.

More about Kia Naddermier and Mysore Yoga Paris

Nancy Gilgoff- house of Yoga & Zen

Callie's hometown in Maui, Hawaii has beautiful relationship with Ashtanga yoga  beginning around the 1970's with some of the western pioneers of who helped spread yoga practices worldwide.

  One of my most beloved teachers and friends Nancy Gilgoff held her daily Mysore Mornings at the House of Yoga  and Zen on our island. This shala has welcomed yogis in Maui for generations and I was fortunate to be one who  Nancy and her partner Casey nurtured along that path. 

Nancys shala is a  humble space that is part of the “tomato farm”   yet the energy there  is potent as you enter and connect with Nancy… or not. She had a way of letting you know that she’s there and you better be here too. Nancy and Casey nurtured my strengths and guided me with the female force that ignited my love for Ashtanga and has supported my practice over the years.



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