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chez Maison Mysore


For the summer !

See you in September 🙏🏼


Ashtanga is composed of sequences of postures that prepare and support the body and breath with specific combinations of movement that  gradually allow the body to unfold into the following set of poses.  
Over time, progressively memorizing the postures allows you to build a dynamic flow that links each posture to each other. 


Mysore is a self guided practice. You can begin and end your practice at your own pace and you move at your own rythme. Each student has their individual daily routine that they can develop and adapt daily according to their own preferred focuses.

Every morning 7h-9h30

Beginners are welcome from 8h to 9h

Till april payments will have to be done directly on ground at he studio. Thank you !


At Maison Mysore we open our mats with an invitation to learn from each other and bring the entirety of ourselves into the room to explore our practice in all of its forms and freedoms, emphasizing internal physical perception and experience.

We hope that this energy resonates and elevates even as we step outside of the shala. 

In our humble beginnings we already feel the strength of our friends, families and those of you who send support from all corners of the world. We feel you here with us and every breath is dedicated to our connection.

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